Hi, I'm Chris.

I'm a social sciences guy operating at the crossroads of business, design, and technology. I'm currently taking a one-year sabbtical to rest, invest in relationships, learn and travel. From May through September, my wife and I will be hiking The Pacific Crest Trail. Before and after that I'll try to read a bunch of books, continue learning Japanese and data science, and get back to my interest in poetry.

If you want to hire me in 2017, you might be interested in this brief overview of my professional career to date:

I cut my teeth in the world of tech startups as the first employee at Centsports running ad operations, community management, and marketing.

I tried on many different hats at award-winning digital agency Nebo, eventually transitioning out of the marketing side of the house and into user experience. You can view a sample of my work from that point in my career here.

I embedded on a product team at healthcare giant The Advisory Board Company, collaborating with product managers, interaction designers, and developers to ensure the successful redesign of a newly acquired product.

Most recently I worked on a centralized user research team at The Advisory Board Company where I worked on a number of strategic exploratory projects as well as provided training and expertise to the product teams. The exploratory work ranged from desk work like text analysis on QA calls to field work, including in-home interviews with patients about how they think about and manage their health. My work at The Advisory Board is protected by a non-disclosure agreement: contact me if you would like to discuss it.

Sabbatical (see above).